Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simpson Minifigure Series

Lego sent out this picture a few days ago showing the 16 new Simpson Minifigures that will be in blind packs due out the end of April, first part of May to coincide with the May 4th Simpsons episode that is Lego themed.

Here's the checklist. I'll update it when I know the official numbering and they'll be added to my Minifigures Series page.

1. Itchy
2, Scratch
3 Krusty
4. Milhouse
5. Marge
6. Apu
7. Chief Wiggum
8. Ralph
9. Grampa
10. Nelson
11, Lisa
12. Homer
13 Bart
14. Mr Burns
15. Maggie
16. Ned Flanders

I'm a little disappointed that there's not one of the more obscure characters from the Series, but who knows maybe we'll get more than one series for the Simpsons.