Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hi Ho Silver Away!!!! - The Lone Ranger makes an appearance!

 While down visiting family in northern Wisconsin the wife and I decided to take a day trip over to the Mall of America.  It had been probably 7 or 8 years since I had been there and my wife had never been, so why not take a road trip to decompress from all the family time?

My wife had lots of stuff she was interested in seeing, but for me there was only one store I really cared to check out and that was the Lego store.  I had never been in a Lego store before and I was plesantly surprised that the prices were as cheap as anywhere and the all the store workers were just as enthusiastic about Legos as the patrons shopping there.

I wasn't going to buy anything oddly enough, being a little overwhelmed and realizing that almost everything at the store could be had for the exact same price here in Alaska and I wouldn't have to lug it home with me. But in the end I did pick up two things and a few mini figure packs.  I was tempted to pick up one of the new Iron Man 3 playsets, but instead settled on the new Lone Ranger play sets that had just come out a few days ago.

I was only going to pick up the one set, but one of the Legoteers talked me into picking up the Cavalry builder set, because not only do you get 4 mini's you get the Lone Ranger and Silver.

The cannon actually fires those black pieces. Notice in the photo above I only have 3.  I lost one somewhere while playing with it.
On to the mini's!!
One of the selling points was that you get Silver with this set.
You also get 3 calvary men.  While the bodies are all the same they each have different faces.