Thursday, January 24, 2013

Microfigure Spotlight - Cyberman - Character Building Series 1 Dr Who Blind Pack

I was looking for a weekend card show that either I totally missed or was at a different mall this month, but I happen into one of the comic/toy stores in the mall and as luck would have it they had Character Building Dr. Who Blind packs.  And not just Series 1, but 2 and 3 as well.  The packs were a buck more than a Lego Minifigure pack, but seeing as these go for 7 to 8 buck on Amazon and ebay I figured I'd bite.  I've really wanted to pick up a few more Character Building Microfigures after I completed their Series 1 set offered in gravity feed dispensers at some of the bigger retailers around town. I ended up picking up 4 Series 1 and one each from Series 2 and 3.  I'll feature those later.  The one thing I did notice though that kind of bothers me is that the micros  you pick up in the blind packs are exactly the same as the micros you get in Character Buildings box sets.  This can be advantageous if you army building, but I really don't need 7 micros of the 11th Doctor.

Anywho, here we have the Cyberman. His first appearance in the Dr. Who series was also the last appearance of the First Doctor.  Interesting history on the Dr. Who series there are many "lost" episodes where the BBC erased master tapes to reuse.  The final episode of the series is one of those lost episodes and sadly is the last appearance of William Hartnell and the first regeneration scene in Dr. Who.

Alright enough of the nerd talk.  Each successive Dr. Who Character Building Blind pack has had a different Cyberman in it.  I love the high detail on the head and decals.

Here's the insert poster. You can see that the Cyberman is a common figure.

Another side view.

And the back.  The other nice thing about all the Doctor Who blind micros is you get the cool Doctor Who DW display base.

cb out.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Iron Man 3 Sets coming soon?

I have to say I'm really excited that Iron Man 3 is coming out in a few months.  May 3rd to be exact.  I'm a huge Iron Man fan.  Not just the movies, but the comic books as well.  I think that Iron Man was my favorite Marvel Super Hero growing up and still is.  I think it's the whole boys love robots and big guns thing.

Anyways a few of the other Lego blogs I follow, which are on the side bar there, have reported the appearance of a new Lego authentic War Machine Mini Figure being listed on Ebay.

So far posts have been more about the fact that this mini exists.  It's got a steep price tag, but more importantly is the harbinger of sets to come?  I would think with another major Marvel movie and Lego with a Marvel license that we should see at least 5 new Marvel Super Heroes sets all featuring scenes and characters from the movie.  I still have yet to grab my Iron Man mini from either of the sets he's currently featured in, but I will.  I'll probably spring for the Cosmic Cube Chase and pick up a Loki as well.

Anybody else excited at the possibility of seeing some more Iron Man themed sets?

I'm wondering when we'll get some more X-Men stuff as well.

cb out.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hidden Treasures - Lego Kingdoms Crossbowman Polybag 30062

I was headed home from the gym the other day and for some reason I had the urge to stop into the Value Village on my way home. I figure it was far enough after Christmas that there might be some goodies to be had around the store.  I like to look at the cheap books and of course I always have to see if there are any Lego's or other building blocks to be had for cheap.  And as I was looking through the rack of miscellaneous  toys I saw this.  A fully intact, never opened Lego polybag.  And it was only a dollar!  Even if I'd already had this guy I don't think I could passed him up.  A minifigure and extras for 99 cents?  Yes please.

Here you have the full set.  You get the Mini, a box to hold 2 spears, a fire and turkey leg and a target and tree, with target apples.

The target swivels up and down and the apples come off the tree really easily.

As a nice bonus you get a couple extra weapons.

The fire with turkey leg is great you can swivel the leg over the fire.

The Mini has nice detail and the cool helmet.  He comes with a quiver and crossbow.

Here's a good look at the face in helmet.
And without.
A great find and how can you go wrong for a buck!  I'm looking forward to hitting some garage sales this summer for more hidden treasures.

cb out

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DC Super Heroes - Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858

The last of the bargain sets I picked up after Christmas and my first DC Super Heroes set.  Plus you get Batman with a rocket pack!!

Here's the street scene.  You get what looks like it's suppose to be a mailbox, a news paper stand with two copies of the Lego Times and a bunch of boxes to knock around.
Here's a look from the backside.
Nice detail on the Lego Times' you can almost read the article.
The traffic light is on a hook that can be knocked off with a batterang.
Catwoman comes with her Catcycle.  She has her whip and a very large diamond.

There are quite a few different Batman's out there.  This one has the stiff bat wings and the bat in a yellow oval.  He also comes with two Batterangs.

Heres a better look at the jet pack.

Batman also has two faces.  The white head band is what shows through when he has his cowl on.

Here's a better look at Catwoman.

She also comes with two faces to choose from.  One with her goggles on.
And one without.

Over all a great little set.  And getting it for under $10 bucks was a definite deal.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monster Fighters - The Mummy - 9462

Another one of the after Christmas deals I found around town.  This set was marked down over 30% and was another of the cheaper one's I had had my eye on for a while so being marked down made it an easy pick-up.

In this set you get the Mummy and Ann Lee minifigures and a skeleton horse as well.  Plus the Mummy's chariot and Ann Lee's helicopter.

I'm sure there's some story to go with all the Moonstones, but I didn't bother to find out.

The Mummy is loaded for bear too! Not only does he have his sword, which attaches to the back of the chariot, but he also has two spears that snap on the the side of the bridal.

Ann Lee comes with two extra cross bow arrows. One goes in her hair, but the other one really didn't have a place so I just stuck it to the side of the copter in an unused hole.

No tail rotor.

Now some mini close ups.

I love all the detail on the Mummy's body.  Very nice.
That continues on the back of the body as well.

The cross bow arrow storage in the hair is pretty neat. Makes her look extra tough especially with the scar.
Ann also has another face to choose from.
Frownie face.