Monday, November 25, 2013

30270 - TMNT Kraang's Turtle Target Practice

Another great ploy bag I picked up from TRU. This one is the TMNT theme'd Kraang's Turtle Target Practice and features the Kraang cyborg body from set 79104 - Shellraiser Street Chase.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lego Movie sets up at! Here's a preview of the sets and the minifigures.

If you follow any of the other much better Lego blogs you've probably already seen a lot of this, but Lego was nice enough to send me an email letting me know that they've added Lego Movie sets to their online store. The sets won't be available till after Christmas, Dec 29th to be exact, but the images are up there.
And not all of these set are up there yet. As I'm writing this the one's that feature box images are up at
First up is some imagery for The Series 12 Minifigures. The vending box and pack. I also see that Lego is not calling this Series 12, at least on these images.

70800 -Get Away Glider
-Sheriff Not-A-Robot

70801 - Melting Room

70802 - Bad Cop's Pursuit
- Bad Cop
- Emmet

70803 - Cloud Cuckoo Palace
with Unikitty and Snail

70804 - Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Miles
Ice Cream Jo 
Cadio Carrie

70805 - Trash Chomper
Garbage Man Dan
Garbage Man Grant
Gordon Zola

70806 - Castle Calvary
-Sir Stackabrick
-Gallant Guard
-Sharon Shoehorn

70807 Metal Beard's Duel

Metal Beard
Frank the Foreman

70808 Super Cycle Chase

and 3 Robo SWAT

70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair

-Lord Business
-El Macho Wrestler
-Biznis Kitty
-Ma Cop
-Pa Cop

70811 The Flying Flusher

-Plumber Joe
-Alfie the Apprentice
- Dr. McScrubs

70812 Creative Ambush

Kebab Bob
Sudds Backwash
Rootbeer Belle
Executive Elle

70813 Rescue Reinforcements

Blaze Firefighter
Hank Haystack
Blacktron Fan

I'll be adding imagery as it become available and I've added a page to the sidebar.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

76004 - Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase - Venom!!!

Got another great Spider-Man set. This one is the Spider-Cycle Chase and as you can see you not only get Spider-Man, but Nick Fury and of course Venom. There are a couple really great follow ups to Lego's first Ultimate Spider-Man set 6873 - Doc Ock Ambush, you can see my set review here.  The Spider-Man mini is exactly the same in all the sets. I've also got a review of the Daily Bugle set coming up too.  
 This set features a cool SHIELD flying truck and the flying spider cycle.  Of course Spider-Man may be the main draw and focus of the set, but it's really the supporting cast of mini's that make these sets so great. I mean come on Venom!! Let's have a look at the pieces.

I really do like the design of the cycle and truck.

 The back of the truck raises up and the wheels fold down.
 The back of the truck also has a missile launcher.

Alright on to the best part the Mini's!
 Like I said Spider-Man is the same in all the Ultimate Spider-Man sets.  It would be nice to get a black suited Spider-Man eventually.

 I'm not a comic purest. At least not anymore. So it doesn't bother me in the least that they reimagined Nick Fury as black and cast Sam Jackson in the movies.  Sam did a great job making Fury the bad ass he's suppose to be.

 But the big draw of this set is the villain. And I really wanted the Venom minifigure.

 He also comes with these weird tendril things.

Here's a good look of the back with out the tendril back pack.

Over all a great little set and not bad for a $20 bill.