Thursday, May 16, 2013

Minifigure Spotlight - Series 10 - Bumblebee Girl

I'm never really got the minifigure costumes.  I mean there's the Dinoguy, Chickensuit guy, Bunnysuit guy, and maybe I'll even count the Gorilla in Series 3.  But who am I to complain.  I still love the diversity that Lego puts into each Series and in Series 10 we get Bumblebee Girl.

She comes with a pot of honey and a antenna hat.  Probably not my favorite of the series, but a fun one none the less.  And yes she's easy to find too with the pot, wings and antenna topper.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minifigure Spotlight - Series 10 Revolutionary Soldier

I'm down to needing just two more mini's to complete the series.  Another great historical mini in this series is this guy, the Revolutionary War soldier.  Another figure that's pretty easy to find as the musket is pretty easy to feel in packaging.
Some very nice detailing on the body and he even comes with a ponytailed white wig.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Know your Iron Man Minifigures!!!

Finally saw Iron Man last night.  Other than utterly destroying one of the franchises best villians to a gag it wasn't too bad.  And as an Iron Man fan seeing all those cool Iron Man suits I was in total nerdvana.  

Anyways here's a quick visual for all you Iron Man and Lego minifigure fans to help tell apart the 4 different Iron Man minifigures.

War Machine
Iron Patriot

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Iron Man 3 - 76008 Iron Man vs the Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown playset

The first Iron Man 3 set I've picked up I couldn't resist.  This is the cheapest of the 3 sets so far with a MSRP of $12.99, but you get the two main characters and you get Iron Man in Heartbreaker armor. The other two sets feature Iron Man in Mark 42 armor.  I do believe between these 3 sets and two previous Marvel Universe sets there are 4 different Iron Man's in various armor types. There is also a Mandarin with a diffent body decals.

As a huge Iron Man fan growing up I'm finally glad to have added at least one of the Iron Man to my minifigure collection.

Here we have Mandarin's assult card with missles and flame thrower.

Here we have a close up of the Mandarin. Both minifigures come with two faces.
I've taken the beard off so you can get a good look at the both of them.

I love the detailing on the Iron Man armor.
I've read a few complaints about the size of the head makes the minifigure look disproportionate and that's kind of true, but that face that the face plate lifts up is pretty cool. So take the good with the bad I suppose.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Three New Superman Sets just in time for the Movie.

I'm sure this has been reported, but since it's new to me I'm going to post about it.  I just saw on the What's New page at that they have 3 new DC Super Hero Superman Sets coming out tied to the new movie due out this summer.  Sets are due to be release May 14th, but looking at the Lego site they have these listed as available now.

It would appear right now that every set has a Superman and a General Zod, so if your only interested in those two you can grab the cheap set for you two mini's.  The medium priced set features Lois Lane and most expensive set feature an army guy and two of General Zod's buddies.

76002 - Metropolis Showdown
-General Zod

76003  -Battle of Smallville
General Zod
Colonel Hardy

76009 - Black Zero Escape
General Zod
Lois Lane

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Minifigure Spotlight - Series 10!! Medusa

I can't believe we actually have Series 10 up here in Alaska! Not only that my wife found some blind packs almost right after release and surprised me with 6 packs.  I'm now only 2 way from the complete set, which will be my first complete series yet, although I am close to a couple more too.

Anyways out of all the Series 10 figures I think my favorite from just looking at the sell sheet was the Meduse one.  I love the monster minifigures.

Looking at a couple case breaks this Medusa figure falls into the rare category falling only about 2 per display box (case), but with her unique base piece she's probably the easiest to find.

This minifigure also has two faces to chose from.  The angry face above and this one...

Over all I think this is still my favorite minifigure of the series and maybe my favorite from the last few series'. I just love that snake hair.