Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 Target Black Friday Exclusive 4 minifigure Lego Cubes

I'm late to the show as usual.  These cubes were available as a doorbuster for Black Friday at Target.  They retailed for $9.99 or were free with a qualified $50 purchase of Legos, which wouldn't be hard to hit at Target.  There were two cubes available each with 4 minifigures each.  Each cube had a Ninjago, Legends of Chima, DC Superheroes and a City themed Minifigures with gray stands.

 In this box you got:

 Ninjago Lloyd in Dragon Outfit
 Chima Lavertus in Fire Outfit
 City Swamp Police Sheriff

DC Comics Superboy

In the other box you got:

DC Comics  Lightening Lad


 Sir Fangar

Scuba Diver
Not a bad deal as a buy alone or as a bonus.  These are selling for double to triple the original price now.  The only two minifigures I'd care for are the DC Superheroes so probably won't be too hard to track down.