Character Building - US - Series 1 blind packs

Character Building is a UK based company that produces Lego compatable building toys.  They have major licensing agreements with Dr. Who, Deadly 60, Ben 10, and Soccer teams, as well as putting out a line of military toys.

JDNA is the North American distributor for Character Building and these micro-figures were available in gravity feed dispensers at various large retailers.  Since there's a Series 1, I suppose we can assume there will more series to follow.

 Green = Have 
1 White Astronaut - Common
2 Orange Astronaut - Rare
3 Race Car Driver? - Common
4.Construction Worker - Rare
5. Black Soldier - Rare
6.White Soldier - Uncommon
7.Special Forces - Common
8 Red Ninja - Rare
9 Black Ninja - Common
10. Knight - Black with red trim - Rare
11. Knight - Red with black trim- Common
12. Frankenstein monster - Uncommon


  1. Boba Fett has appeared in several LEGO Star Wars sets over the years; however, this version will be exclusive to set 8097. lego star wars minifigures

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