Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minifigure Spotlight Series 11 - Evil Mech

I happily finally found the last mini I needed to complete my Series 11 set. No it wasn't this guy.  The Evil Mech is pretty easy to find in the package. The chest/shoulder piece is hard to miss, as well as, the helmet and gun.  Overall a very well done mini.

Here's a loot under the hood and with the chest piece off to see the body detail.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Perview Series blind packs.

Kre-O is one of those building sets that I have a hard time getting into. I had no desire to pick up any of the Battleship themed sets and the bigger Transformer sets are just so pricey. So I was walking aroudn TRU and found a couple left over Preview Series Micro-Changer blind packs I figured I'd try them out. Especially since I don't have any Kreons in my mini collection.  I was also pleased to see that they are putting out blind packs to go with there new GI Joe and Star Trek sets.  Sadly I got the same figure from both packs so if anyone wants to trade for the other Crankstart let me know. I've opened the pack but not the sealed parts bag.

So lets talk about what I like and dislike about these guys.

I like that each figure comes with it's own insert.  And the Robot version is pretty cool.

Here's a look at Crankstart without his chest piece on to show the detail on the body.

What I don't like is that each version doesn't use all the pieces so the when the figure is in robot mode there are extra pieces lying around waiting to get lost. I also don't like how cheap the vehicle mode is. It's almost like it's an afterthought and not really well thought out.  It's clunky and really not all the esthetically pleasing.

Over all it's a great little figure that will more than likely stay in robot mode.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mega Bloks Halo Series 7 blind pack.

I'm a pretty big Halo fan. At least the video game. As far as building sets and Mega Blok Micro Figures not so much. I did pick up a bunch of Series 3 right after Christmas last year for super cheap, but for the most part they just don't appeal to me. But I was walking through the toy aisle and couldn't resist picking up a blind pack from the latest series.

I was pretty happy to pull out one of the rare figures. The UNSC Spartan Mark V with plasma rifle. 
And while I'm not big on the Halo figures I did really like the Mega Blok Marvel figures they put out a few years ago. Mainly because of the twelve points of articulation and that the figures are so well done and life like. Plus the detailing is pretty spot on.

Over all this isn't a set I would try to hard to put together, but I wouldn't say I'd never pick up another blind pack.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TMNT -79100 - Kraang Lab Escape

The first and so far only box set I've bought of TMNT. While I would love all the turtles and maybe Shredder and Splinter, I'm just not that keen on the rest of the sets or the price points. Plus there's no Casey Jones to be found yet.  Hopefully in the next season of Nick's TMNT he'll be there and in the next round of TMNT sets released.  Anyways. This is a great little set because you get 3 mini's. Yes I count Kraang as a mini.

Michelangelo comes with his signature nunchucks and a pizza.

By pressing the side lever you can make him escape.

Inside Kraang is a pink head. It's blank.

It would have been neat if the shell had a place to put the nunchucks for storage.
And of course you get a Foot Ninja. I do believe every set comes with a least one. There are a few variations and weapons differ per set.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30167 - Iron Man vs Fighting Drone poly bag

I'm a huge Iron Man fan.  This goes way back to my when I was a kid rummaging through the quarter box for comics. And that love of "Shellhead" translates over to Lego as well.  With this set I've acquired my third Lego Iron Man armor. I think the only one I still need is the Mark 42.

I ended up picking this guy up from TRU as well.  I just happened in on a BOGO 40% off day, so I got this set and another poly bag.

The saw blade wings on the drone are pretty detailed.

Here's the missle on the bottom.

I do think the flip up face plate is pretty neat. I've heard other's complain that the head looks too big for the body, but I really don't mind.  He also comes with an alternate face to choose from.