Sunday, August 5, 2018

Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts Minifigure Series

I've been out of the loop for a' while, but I had noticed a few new Harry Potter/ Fantastic Beasts sets showing up on store shelves.  I totally missed that Lego was going to release a minifigure series as well until my wife, who's a huge Harry Potter fan brough how a few blind bags.  
22 figures in the set. The first 16 are Harry Potter the last 6 are Fantastic Beasts.  I'll also put the per box number in the checklist.  Most figures are found 3 per box, but there are a few exceptions.

1.  Harry Potter with Hedwig - 3
2. Hermione Granger with Crookshanks - 3
3. Ron Weasley with Scabbers - 3
4. Draco Malfoy with Snitch -3
5. Luna Lovegood - 2
6. Neville Longbottom with Mandrake -3
7. Cho Chang -3
8. Dean Thomas - 3
9. Lord Voldemort - 3
10. Dobby - 3
11. Professor Trelawney - 2
12. Cedric Diggory  - 3
13. Professor Flitwick - 3
14. Mad-Eye Moody - 3
15. Harry Potter in Pajamas  - 2
16. Albus Dumbledore - 3
17. Newt Scamander - 3
18. Tina Goldstein - 3
19. Jacob Kowalski - 3
20. Queenie Goldstein  - 3
21. Credence Barebone - 2
22. Percival Graves - 1

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Toys R Us Exclusive Hulk Minibag on the turntable

Jeez been awhile, here's some Hulk awesomeness that's been sitting in my queue for awhile.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tears of Batman / Disco Batman Online Bonus Polybag

 My son's birthday is coming up and while he's not quite ready for regular Lego's, he loves superheroes so I went online to pick up the larger Duplo Spider-man set.  Of course while shopping I had to pick up a few goodies for dad and I also wanted to hit that $75 threshhold so I could get this.  It's been awhile since Lego has offered a bonus that I wanted.

I haven't gotten to see the Movie yet, but I've only heard good things.  However I've found the minifigure series to be awesome even if some of the figures are ridiculous.  These two are just as ridiculous and just as cool.  Have a look.
 The gold cape is super sweet and shiny.

 Sorry for the blurry photo, just to show I ended up with a couple extra pieces.