Friday, April 26, 2013

Lego Minifigures Series 10.

Seems like I just started finding Series 9 up here in Alaska and Series 10 is already hitting the market.  I was down in the lower 48 and got to visit my first Lego store.  All the clerks there were as enthusiastic about Lego as the customers and they have no problem helping you find the missing mini's you need out of the blind packs.  I also picked up some new Lone Ranger sets which I'll feature later.  I did manage to pick up 3 new Series 9 mini's while I was there and was talking to one of the Legoteers about the new Series 10 that was due to be out in the next couple weeks.  I had already heard about the super rare gold mini's inserted this round, but I had yet to see the line up for this new Series.  So here it is if you haven't seen it yet either.

Here's the mini poster with all 16 of the base figures. And after looking at a couple case breaks I've added the commons (6 per case), uncommons (4 or so per case), and the rarer (2 or less per case) for you too.  Although each case can be different.

1. Librarian - rare
2. Medusa - rare
3. Roman Commander - common
4. Warrior Woman - uncommon
5. Tomahawk Warrior - uncommon
6. Skydiver - common
7. Bumblebee Girl - rare
8. Grandpa - rare
9. Paintballer - uncommon
10. Sea Captain - rare
11. Sad Clown - uncommon
12. Revolutionary Soldier - incommon
13. Baseball Fielder - common
14. Trendsetter - rare
15. Decorator - uncommon
16. Motorcycle Mechanic - common

Plus the bonus ---- Mr. Gold
After a quick search at least one Mr. Gold has been found! I think it would be kind of neat if they were serial numbered on the back. Mr. Gold does come with a serial numbered certificate of authenticity and checking some ebay auctions figures are going for about $700 buck or more!  Crazy.

Another nice selection.  I think my favorite out of the set is the Medusa and while rare, at about 2 per case, should be easy to find as she's the only one with a lower block base and the weird snake tail.

Also and I'm sure a lot of people already know that if you go to the Lego Minifigure website you can set up an account and keep track of the minifigures you have   Check it out here.