Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lego Minifigure Series 11 - Rarity guide

Well it looks like Series 11 is live already, at least in some parts of the world and country, and with that we get to see how the case breaks out.  As always some figures are "rarer" than others.  A case of minifigures consists of 60 blind packs out of those 60 blind packs some figures are considered common or 6 per case, uncommon, 4 per case, and rare 2 per case.  I use these terms only to differentiate the population within a given case.  Of course if you find an unmolested case of minifigures and are adapt at figuring out what's inside you can put together a full set pretty easily as all figures are found in a case. I don't believe there are any super rare figures this time around.

Here is the break down on the population of a case.  I got this from a couple posted case breaks I've been able to find.
Rare = 2
Uncommon = 4
Common = 6

1. Barbarian - Uncommon
2. Scarecrow - Rare
3. Bavarian Pretzel Girl - Rare
4. Evil Mech - Uncommon
5. Tiki Warrior - Rare
6. Ginger Bread Man - Uncommon
7. Christmas Elf - Uncommon
8. Yeti - Common
9. Mountain Climber - Common
10. Welder - Common
11. Female Scientist - Uncommon
12. Saxiphone Player -  Rare
13. Waitress - Rare
14. Grandma - Rare
15. Constible - Common
16. Female Robot - Uncommon

So common figures make up 40% of the box with 4 figures, uncommon figures also make up 40% of the box with 6 figures, and the rare figures make up 20% with 6 figures as well.

There you go. Happy hunting.

Update 10/10/13
Got and email from reader Helen who gave me a run down on her case she opened.
Just seen your blog on the breakdown seems pretty accurate this is what I received.
Scientist x 4
Lady robot x 4
Evil mech x 4
Sax player x 2
Yeti x 6
Holiday elf x 4
Constable x 6
Pretzel x 2
Diner waitress x 2
Scarecrow x 2
Barbarian x 4
Welder x 6
Mountain climber x 6
Grandma x 2
Gingerbread man x 4
Island warrior x 2
Hope the info is use to you

I do believe it matches up with what I already had up, but I'm adding it here for confirmation.

cb out

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wizard Fight!!! Lord of the Rings: The Wizard Battle 79005

I was walking through the Lego aisle at Target, which always seems to happen if I happen to be at Target.  While Target doesn't have the best prices on Legos in town they do tend to have the best inventory.  I saw this little set hanging out and instantly knew it would be part of my collection.  Even if this scene wasn't in the book, it is still one of the best scenes of the movies and how can you pass up an eye of Sauron?
There's really not a whole lot to the set, but it does have motion. The Palantiri or seeing stone with the eye of Sauron in it spins around and there is also a push rod in the back of Saruman's chair that lets you fling him off.
The nice thing about this set is you get both Saruman and Gandalf, and this Gandalf is different from the one in the Gandalf Arrives set. You can see my review of that set HERE.
Now onto the Minis!!
Both minis have two faces, but most of the faces are covered up by beards.
Here's what the faces look like uncovered for Saruman. I love the big black Christopher Lee eyebrows.
Here is the other face and you can also see the detail on the back of the body without the cape on.

Here's a better look at Gandalf's faces without his beard and hair on.
Over all it's a great set and the detail of the throne room is pretty cool.  But the seeing stone with the eye of Sauron really makes the scene.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lego Minifigure Series 11 Checklist

Figure I'd post a copy of the Series 11 poster and a checklist of the new series due out in September. If you want some other images I'd just Google Series 11 there are bunch of much better Lego blogs and websites that already have preview images up.

1. Barbarian
2. Scarecrow
3. Bavarian girl, this one will go great with the Bavarian guy from Series 8.
4. Evil Mech
5. Tiki Warrior
6. Gingerbread Man
7. Elf
8. Yeti (My favorite of the bunch)
9.Mountain climber
10. Welder
11. Female Scientist
12. Saxaphone player
13. Waitress
14. Grandma
15. Constable
16. Female Robot.