Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight - Series 5 Boxer

This guys comes by way of a 3 for 3 trade with Chris who runs the blogs Nachos Grande and Legends of Lego, both on my blog list to the right.
I do love a trade when I can pick up some of the older Series figures I need. The boxer is one of those that probably would have been very easy to pick out had I been able to find blind packs of these.
The hands are sculpted gloves and the headgear is pretty distinct.

The boxer also comes with a second face. This one is the after face.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight Lego Movie - Taco Tuesday Guy

Taco Tuesday Guy looks suspiciously like the Series 2 Sombrero guy. Although the hat is a different color and and so is the poncho. 

The Taco Tuesday guy comes with a platter and two 1x1 flats that are either suppose to look like taco's or blocks of cheese.  They look like cheese to me. The blocks go on the tray loose, so watch out.
He's a pretty easy guy to feel for in the blind packs. The hat and tray or unique and there's really no other minifigure you could mistake this guy for.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight Lego Movie - Wiley Fusebot

One of the three robot drones featured in the series. The minifigure features a bundle of dynamite and a pistol. All probably left overs from the Lone Ranger sets. He also has a cool Coonskin hat, if your looking to make a Davy Crockett minifigure here you go.  And Wiley also has a cool neck beard.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

76001 The Bat vs Bane: Tumbler Chase

I'm a big Batman fan. And I'm a huge Lego Super Heroes fan, both DC and Marvel sets. But to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the  Dark Knight set , but when I can pick up a $40 set for almost half price...I'll suffer.

I think what I like best about all the Batman sets is that fact that almost all the Batmen are different. From a collecting stand point this is great. Especially if you are buying the set for the minifigures like I tend to do.  
This set not only gets you a unique Batman, but a different Bane from the more comic book version in the 6860 Batcave and I do believe this is the only Commissioner Gordon.  Let's have a look.

Here's an overall view of what you get. The Bat, the Tumbler, 3 minifigures, and 2 road blocks
I think the over all design and build of "the Bat" is spot on. Not perfect, but for a Lego version it's pretty cool. And the overall articulation of parts is impressive as well. The arms with the guns and missiles looks really good.

The tail is pretty neat too.
There is also a rope on the back to hang Batman from.

Like wise I think the tumbler was very well done as well. I'm also happy to say that both figures fit their respective minifigures perfectly too. This tumbler is a completely different design than the one from the 2008 movie set 7888 The Batman Tumbler : Joker's Ice Cream Surprise.

On to the mini's!!  
You get Commissioner Gordon in SWAT gear. He also has two faces to choose from.

You get the movie version of Bane. I can remember back in the 90's when DC introduced Bane. I don't think anyone at the time gave him much thought and who knew that he would become literally the Bane of Batman? Maybe the name was a giveaway?

And of course the star of the show..Batman.  This suit is similar to others I've seen, but I do believe it is at least a little different.  As usual he comes with two faces as well.

Here's the back detail.

Overall a great set and I'm glad I picked it up.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight - Lego Movie - Hard Hat Emmet

Here he is the star of the show! He's also featured as a mini in about half of the current movie sets available. Of course this is a Emmet variation with hard had and I'm not sure what's in his hand. Some kind of controller? Since the movie isn't out yet, I'm not sure how it ties in, but in a few months I'm sure it'll all make sense.  

It's also nice that this version of Emmet is smiling, I'm not sure if he has two faces in the other sets, but the face I keep seeing on the mini is his scared/screaming face. He also has a really happy alternate face.

The hard hat and hair are all one piece.
Here's a close up look at the brick in his hand.
I'm also happy to say I finally found the last minifigure I needed for this set. No not Emmet, but Gail.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight Lego Movie - Panda Suit Guy

What would a Lego minifigures series be without a guy in an animal costume?  We saw our first animal suit in Series 3 with the Ape and then we got a new one about every other series since then. Series 5 had a guy in a lizard suit, Series 7 featured a guy in a rabbit suit,  Series 9 featured the guy in a chicken suit, and we could probably also count the Series 10 Bee Girl, and now we get Panda Suit Guy.  He also happens to come with a panda doll. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lego Minifigures Sereis 1 Rarity Guide

A quick rarity guide for the Lego Minifigures Series 1
The terms used are only to convey how many figures typically fall per box.
Common = 5
Uncommon =  4
Rare = 3

1. Indian w/ bow - Rare
2. Cheerleader - Rare
3. Caveman = Uncommon
4. Clown w/ horn - Rare
5. Zombie - Rare
6. Skateboarder - Rare
7. Robot - Uncommon
8. Demolition Dummy - Common
9. Magician - Uncommon
10. Wrestler - Rare
11. Nurse - Rare
12 Ninja - Common
13. Astronaut - Uncommon
14. Robin Hood - Uncommon
15. Scuba Diver - Common
16 Cowboy (Indiana Jones) - Uncommon