Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Minifigure Spotlight Series 13 Alien

Lego has had a couple Alien/Space themes.  The last one Galaxy Squad had an alien menace that was more insect.  Alien Conquest had a more little green man theme to it. I'm not sure where this alien fits in, but he's got a great head sculpt and some really printing on both the torso and legs.  

I also really like the florescent disc on the gun.  When it's in the sunlight it really looks like it's glowing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rise of the Micro-Minifigures

It only seems fair after reviewing some Kre-O' microfigures we look at Legos.

Lego's Micro Minifigures are not new. Lego has been using them for their board games for a while now. But I think that with the release of the SHIELD Helicarrier it might be the first time they've been put to use in a regularly released set.  I'm sure some other Legophiles out there can confirm or refute this.  

Like I posted before with my look at the Jumbo minifigures, having a smaller scale minifigure also makes sense, especially with a large set like the Helicarrier where it would be prohibitively large to have it at the normal minifigure scale.

These don't look poseable, but I could be wrong on that too.  It'll be interesting to see what kind of collectablility this guys have.  As a big fan of Ironman I wouldn't mind adding the Micro to my collection, but I doubt I'd pay the premium it'll cost coming only from such a large, expensive set.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kre-O CityVille Invasion Kreon figure 2 packs.

Ok I'm a sucker sometimes for these random blind packs.  I've been meaning to pick a couple packs up of Kre-O's new Transformer blind packs, but instead I found these.  I've never played Cityville so I'm not sure what the premise is for the characters here other than it looks like you have normal guys and monsters.  

You also get two figures per pack so that was a double bonus.  Only I didn't really look too hard at the figures themselves until I opened them up.  Ummm well there a little small.
Here we have the Mini Kreon next to a full size Lego minifigure for comparison. 

And while the bodies are really small the head and accessories will work on full size minifigures.  Here we have Steve Timber.

He's pitted against Willy Werewolf.
Hazmat Henry vs....
Toxic Zombie.  You also get one Kre-O block and one of these  motion blocks that I guess work with Cityville Invasion play sets.  I don't know how they work, I guess magic.
Next we have Walter Wetsuit.  His goggles move up and down.
and he fights the Wavecrawler.

Friday, February 6, 2015


With the soon to be released SHIELD Helicarrier we got a first look at Lego's new Micro-Minifigures,  The figures were scaled to the play set, but it also included regular sized minifigures to enjoy.  This is probably the future of things to come with sets that large that can't be scaled up to minifigure size for obvious reason.  

But we also have been seen the rise of the Jumbo minifigures being featured in the SuperHeroes line for characters that are much larger than the average character.  Most notably was the inclusion of a Jumbo Hulk in the first Avenger movie sets.  But we got another one, with pant color variation,  with the Avengers Assemble - Hulk Lab Smash set, a great set with some great minifigures in it.  

This year we've gotten 3 new Jumbos, 2 in the DC line and one in the Marvel Spider-man line.  I don't count the Sentinel or the Groot figures as they are a combination of pieces, like the Mixels.

It makes sense to have the Jumbo scale available for sets that have characters that are much larger than their counterparts.  I still wish we'd get a more traditional comic book style Green Goblin.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Minifigure Spotlight Series 13 Fencer

I'm still looking for that elusive Hotdog Guy, but I did manage to find another Series 13 minifigure I didn't have.  En garde!!

This guy is pretty easy to feel for, just look for his epee.  And FYI know that a fencing sword is called an epee is a great crossword solution.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Know your minifigures - Black Widow

Last one until the rest of the sets are reveled. 
Black Widow gets new hair, body and head. Gone are the ginger eyebrows.  But don't worry she still has a scowl face too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Better know you minifigures - Hawkeye

Continuing our look at the new versions of previous Marvel minifigures we have Hawkeye.  I read an interesting article the other day on how Hawkeye might become a much bigger player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out.  He's also suppose to be making an appearance on Agents of SHIELD later this year.  To me he was always the weakest of the non-superpowered heroes in both the movies and comics.  I mean he shoots a bow and arrow and is going up against gods. At least Green Arrow tends to fight to his level.  But I digress.  Here we have a comparison from Hakweye's two minifigures. He was originally put in two sets from the original round of Avengers movie sets, 6867 and 6868, and we know he's in the new helicarrier set.

Completely different heads, body and hair. I think the bow is the same though.

Minifigure Spotlight Simpsons Series - Scratchy

I got to visit a Lego store down in Bellvue, Washington around New Years.  I picked up a couple great sets that will eventually be featured and they also had Simpsons blind packs on sale so I picked up a couple.  I didn't take time to feel out the contents, but since I only had one other figure from the series I figured it was worth a shot.  One of those figures was this great Scratchy minifigure.  I think Lego did a great job on these figures.  The head molds are fantastic.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Minifigure Spotlight Series 13 Female Cyclops

When Lego put the Cyclops in Series 9 it was by far my favorite of the Series.  However the Series 13 female cyclops is overshadowed by the Hotdog man.

That doesn't mean she's not great.  I will say that the only reason you know she's a girl cyclops is the lipstick. 

She also comes with two "faces". Just like her Series 9 counterpart.