Monday, July 22, 2013

Lego - Star Wars - Desert Skiff - 9496

I picked this set up along with all the other bargain sets at Target just after Christmas.  Yeah I've had this one sitting around a while. This one wasn't on sale, but it's one of the only Star Wars sets I wanted, that was in my price range.  And to be honest I really only wanted the Boba Fett mini.  Don't get me wrong I'll take all four mini's it comes with and they will find a nice home in the collection, but I was watching a couple Boba minis on ebay and they were going for $12 to 15 bucks that's about half of what the set costs ($24.99). This is one of those times where it's just more economical to pick up the whole set.  Not only do you get Boba Fett, but Lando, Luke and Kithaba and of course you get 213 pieces to make one of the best scenes from Return of the Jedi.