Monday, June 2, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight - Simpsons Series - Milhouse

I finally found some Simpson minifigures the other day.  The big news was that these cost a buck more than the last series. We'll have to see if the price goes back down when Series 12 comes out later this year.

Anyways I only grabbed one pack so I wasn't worried about who I got and didn't feel up any of the packs.
I probably should have since Milhouse was pretty low on the list.  I will most likely pick up the rest of the series if I can find it later.  

I will say the head is very well done and from what I've seen the rest of the series is just as good.
Milhouse comes with a Biclops comic book, and if you remember almost destroyed the comic book store with his huge order.


  1. The Simpson minifigures are my favorite in the Minifigure Lego Movie. Thank you so much for the reviews.

  2. You are right that these series was very well made. I would review some of them soon too in my collection. :)