Monday, October 13, 2014

Brick Loot

It all started with Loot Crate, which featured a monthly shipment of pop culture, then came Collector Crate for sports card collectors, well now a new enterprise, not associated with the other two is bring a monthly box of goodies for brick lovers...Brick Loot.

Featuring the same kind of subscription set up as the Crates, Brick Loot will send you a box of Lego and Lego compatible building blocks and other cool building accessories monthly.

The first box goes out in December and you have the option of various lengths of subscriptions. Longer subscriptions means discounts.  Looks like these guys have been making the rounds at toy fairs and brick conventions.  I'm tempted to try one of these out.

Check them out.

You can get 10% off your order by entering the promotion code Build10.


  1. I wish you would and tell me if they are worth it... Seems a bit expensive for non-LEGO stuff (I'm a brick snob, what can I say?) Also, I don't remember if I gave you my new LEGO-centric blog address:

  2. Alright I ordered one. Won't be here till December, but what the hell.

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to see what all it entails...though I'm scared if it is too awesome that I'll have to have my own ;)

    2. With the 10% off promotion code the first box comes in at under $30 so I figured I'd try one.

    3. That and the advertised value of the box is over $70 so could be a good deal. We'll have to see.