Wednesday, October 28, 2015

75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Minifigures

If you haven't heard the news then you don't follow Lego on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or read any other Legocentric blogs, but Lego has finally released images of the new Ghostbusters Headquaters/Firehouse set.  It's a huge set with 4,634 pieces and a hefty price tag of about $350.

Other blogs have already dissected the set pretty well so since this is a minifigure blog lets focus on the minifigures included with the set.

You get all four Ghostbusters.  They all appear to be the same as the ones you got with the Ecto-1 set except for Venkman which features a slimed variation.  Included in the set are all the other primary cast members and then some.

Dana Barrett

 Louis Tully
 Janine Melnitz
 The Zombie Cabdriver
 The Library Ghost
 Slimer and blue and red ghosts.
The Slimer appears to be identical to the one featured in the Dimensions Fun Pack.  But at least there's no small Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man.

I was thinking of who else they could have included and came up with Walter Peck, the ConEd guy, a Terror Dog, maybe a couple police officers and the mayor.

Here's also hoping your Ecto-1 fits in the garage.

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