Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nothing like a thrift store score!!

Earlier this week I wasn't feeling so good so I took the day off and slept.  About mid-day I was feeling better and decided to go out and pick something up for lunch.  While out I just had this feeling I should stop into my local Value Village and ended up scoring 3 huge bags of random Legos!

Well they were mostly Legos.  In lots like this there are always a few odds and ends throw in.  If you look close you might also see the Shell logo on pieces.  Plus I could see a nice assortment of larger base pieces.  

 After looking through the bags I decided that there were at least two different Shell gas station sets represented, but incomplete.  But I noticed a lot of the blocks looked old.  I mean really old. They were worn and dirty, very well played with, but the lettering looked different.

And then I found this mixed in with the more modern bricks.

This piece helped me determine that I have a large portion of the 1958 Lego Esso Service Station set.

That's pretty incredible.  Mixed in with the modern bricks both Lego, MegaBlok, and others was a real classic.  In the bag there were also a mix of old windows and a bunch of old tires from the 1960's.  I'm glad I had a feeling.

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  1. Wow, that's awesome! Now you need to find the missing pieces to recreate the entire set!