Thursday, May 9, 2013

Minifigure Spotlight - Series 10!! Medusa

I can't believe we actually have Series 10 up here in Alaska! Not only that my wife found some blind packs almost right after release and surprised me with 6 packs.  I'm now only 2 way from the complete set, which will be my first complete series yet, although I am close to a couple more too.

Anyways out of all the Series 10 figures I think my favorite from just looking at the sell sheet was the Meduse one.  I love the monster minifigures.

Looking at a couple case breaks this Medusa figure falls into the rare category falling only about 2 per display box (case), but with her unique base piece she's probably the easiest to find.

This minifigure also has two faces to chose from.  The angry face above and this one...

Over all I think this is still my favorite minifigure of the series and maybe my favorite from the last few series'. I just love that snake hair.


  1. Very nice! I just bought six packs of figures myself - one of which I'm going to open up for tonight's post on my blog. I hope to get Medusa as well - though based on the "feel" of my packs, I'm fairly certain I didn't get her in any of the six I bought.

    1. Hey Chris I do have an extra Medusa to trade.