Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wizard Fight!!! Lord of the Rings: The Wizard Battle 79005

I was walking through the Lego aisle at Target, which always seems to happen if I happen to be at Target.  While Target doesn't have the best prices on Legos in town they do tend to have the best inventory.  I saw this little set hanging out and instantly knew it would be part of my collection.  Even if this scene wasn't in the book, it is still one of the best scenes of the movies and how can you pass up an eye of Sauron?
There's really not a whole lot to the set, but it does have motion. The Palantiri or seeing stone with the eye of Sauron in it spins around and there is also a push rod in the back of Saruman's chair that lets you fling him off.
The nice thing about this set is you get both Saruman and Gandalf, and this Gandalf is different from the one in the Gandalf Arrives set. You can see my review of that set HERE.
Now onto the Minis!!
Both minis have two faces, but most of the faces are covered up by beards.
Here's what the faces look like uncovered for Saruman. I love the big black Christopher Lee eyebrows.
Here is the other face and you can also see the detail on the back of the body without the cape on.

Here's a better look at Gandalf's faces without his beard and hair on.
Over all it's a great set and the detail of the throne room is pretty cool.  But the seeing stone with the eye of Sauron really makes the scene.

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  1. I Love your reviews and photos!
    I, too, enjoy reviewing the various LEGO sets - I recently found and started to put together all the old LEGO sets from when I was a kid. They had been sitting in my parent's attic - but all mixed up (with my brother's sets). I figure once I get them all rebuilt I'll finally have some new fodder for my LEGO blog.