Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lego Minifigure Series 11 Checklist

Figure I'd post a copy of the Series 11 poster and a checklist of the new series due out in September. If you want some other images I'd just Google Series 11 there are bunch of much better Lego blogs and websites that already have preview images up.

1. Barbarian
2. Scarecrow
3. Bavarian girl, this one will go great with the Bavarian guy from Series 8.
4. Evil Mech
5. Tiki Warrior
6. Gingerbread Man
7. Elf
8. Yeti (My favorite of the bunch)
9.Mountain climber
10. Welder
11. Female Scientist
12. Saxaphone player
13. Waitress
14. Grandma
15. Constable
16. Female Robot.

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