Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best-Lock Stargate SG-1 Death Glider

The wife and I recently headed over to Target.  She wanted to do some clothes shopping, I wanted to walk around the Lego aisle maybe see if Series 11 had showed up there yet.  And while walking through the construction set aisle I happened upon this baby.  I'd never heard of Best-Lock before.  There were also a couple other bag sets with things like fire trucks and cop cars.  I opted for the officially licensed Stargate SG-1 product.  I was very leary of this brand, mostly because this bag and it's over 100 pieces was about $5.50.   And I had reason to be leary.  Lego this is not.  You can visit the companies website here.

You won't find any reference to the Stargate sets or it's other license, Terminator, but if you google Best-Lock they'll pop up.  Best-Locks slogan is "Play alot, pay a little"  And while their sets are really cheap, that savings comes with a cost, quality.  While putting this set together I found a lot of the pieces really didn't fit too well together and that there was still plastic spill over  that needed to be trimmed off the pieces.  They also say that their blocks work with other brands, although they don't say which ones. I did try putting a few lego pieces with these and they did work, but I've also read complaints online that sometimes they don't. 

The first thing I notice is there is no color at all in the set.  All the pieces are olive except for the canopy over the cockpit. And the wings really aren't held on by very much.  But lets have a look.
Here we have the completed Death Glider.
Not a whole lot of detail.  You also get a minifigure with the set.  A Jaffa figure.  Want to know what a Jaffa is go here.
And yes these figures are a cheap as they look. 
The one problem is that you can't fit the Jaffa figure in the cockpit and close the canopy.  Which is kind of a funny oversite considering that the package clearly shows the figure in the cockpit.

Over all I doubt I'd buy another set, but if your looking for some cheap building pieces this might not be a bad choice.  Just remember you get what you pay for.

cb out.

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