Friday, February 7, 2014

76009 Superman: Black Zero Escape

I'll be honest I haven't seen Man of Steel yet.  It's on my to do list. Anyway, when the movie came out Lego gave us 3 movie related sets. Unfortuneatly all three sets have the same Superman and Zod.
For my money the middle set is probably the best deal. Plus you get Lois Lane. If all you're interested in is the Superman and Zod I'd say just grab the smaller $12.99 set.
The Superman is different from the 6862 Superman vs Power Armor Lex  set. Which is currently the only other Lego set to feature Superman that is not movie related.

The control area has a sliding door and a fold down computer screen.

The escape pod is big and has all sorts of neat details

On to the minis.  Every minifigure in this set has two faces to pick from.

Zod has a lot of pieces and comes with extra hair to display him without his helmet.

Back detail with out the camp
Front detail without the armor.

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