Friday, December 19, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight - Lego Movie Mrs. Scratchingpost

Sigh. I've been slacking here at World Headquarters.  I've got tons of stuff, heck I have a pile of sets I haven't even opened yet. I have most of Series 12 to show too, but haven't been feeling like taking photos.  So what you get is a post I started but never published way back with the Movie minifigures were first out.  Enjoy.

For those Lego Minifigures fans that have been clamoring for a Crazy Cat Lady minifigure your wish has been granted.  Officially called Mrs Scratchenpost, she comes with her favorite cat, a cat sweater covered in cat hair, and a fanny pack!!   She also happens to be one of the rarer mini's from this set. 
It's too bad they did't make the fanny pack an actual piece of the minifigure. 

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