Monday, March 11, 2013

Iron Man 3 Playsets are here

Just saw over at the Lego website and on Amazon that the 3 new Iron Man 3 movie tie in playsets are now available.

Set 76008 - Iron Man vs The Mandarin Ulitmate Showdown - Price point aroudn $12.99

Two Minifigures
Iron Man in Heartbreaker Armor
and the Mandarin

Set 76006 - Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle - Price Point $19.99
3 Minifigures
Iron Man - Mark 42 Armor
War Machine
Extremis Soldier

Set 76007 -Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack - Price point $39.99
5 Minifigures
Tony Stark
Pepper Potts
Extremis Soldier
Iron Man - Mark 42 Armor

Will there be a few more sets?  Who knows?  But I'll probably pick up the two cheaper sets getting both Iron Man Armors and War Machine and the Mandarin.  I guess the Pepper Potts and stand alone Tony Stark will be the ones to chase being only available in the more expensive Malibu Mansion Attack set right now.  It'll probably be close to the release date before I see these up here in Alaska, but one can hope.  And you can find all three for the price stated at

cb out.

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