Thursday, November 21, 2013

76004 - Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase - Venom!!!

Got another great Spider-Man set. This one is the Spider-Cycle Chase and as you can see you not only get Spider-Man, but Nick Fury and of course Venom. There are a couple really great follow ups to Lego's first Ultimate Spider-Man set 6873 - Doc Ock Ambush, you can see my set review here.  The Spider-Man mini is exactly the same in all the sets. I've also got a review of the Daily Bugle set coming up too.  
 This set features a cool SHIELD flying truck and the flying spider cycle.  Of course Spider-Man may be the main draw and focus of the set, but it's really the supporting cast of mini's that make these sets so great. I mean come on Venom!! Let's have a look at the pieces.

I really do like the design of the cycle and truck.

 The back of the truck raises up and the wheels fold down.
 The back of the truck also has a missile launcher.

Alright on to the best part the Mini's!
 Like I said Spider-Man is the same in all the Ultimate Spider-Man sets.  It would be nice to get a black suited Spider-Man eventually.

 I'm not a comic purest. At least not anymore. So it doesn't bother me in the least that they reimagined Nick Fury as black and cast Sam Jackson in the movies.  Sam did a great job making Fury the bad ass he's suppose to be.

 But the big draw of this set is the villain. And I really wanted the Venom minifigure.

 He also comes with these weird tendril things.

Here's a good look of the back with out the tendril back pack.

Over all a great little set and not bad for a $20 bill.

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