Friday, December 28, 2012

Set Review - Lego Marvel Superheroes, Ultimate Spider-man, Spider-man's Doc Ock Ambush 6873

It's funny out of all the new Marvel Superhero sets Lego has offered I didn't think this would be the one I would want the most. It might have to do with the fact that I couldn't find this set anywhere.  I looked all over Anchorage and all over Georgia when we went down a couple months ago to visit family.  Nothing, nowhere to be seen.  Then by chance I was at a Wal-mart picking something up, I can't remember what and just happen to walk by the toy display for Christmas and saw three of these sets just sitting there.  And I tried not to buy it. I really did, but in the end I snagged it.  It was a little more expensive than the price, but much cheaper than what they are going for on eBay and Amazon.

This isn't the first Spider-man set Lego has produced, but it is however the only current set out of the new Marvel Super Heroes line that features Spider-man. That will change next year as Lego has at least 2 more Spider-man sets coming out.  They will be 76004 Spider-man Cycle Chase featuring Spider-man,  Nick Fury and Venom! and 76005 Spider-man's Daily Bugle Showdown that will have 5 mini-figures, Spider-man, J Johan Jameson, Beetle, Dr. Doom! and Nova!  Both of these should be out after the 1st of the year. And there's also a new Batman set coming out from the DC Heroes line, featuring an Arctic Batman.

But I digress we are here to look at the Doc Ock Ambush set.

I forgot to take a shot of the back but it's like a stage set there's nothing back there but the guts all the pretty is up front.

The play set has three parts that are connected and hinged together.
You have the tower with the fan blade that swivels, the clear tank side that opens to put a minifigure in there and the middle section with the torture bed that rotates as well.

The little satellite dish also swivels down.

Doc Ock comes with the Octomobile, or something like that.

It's neat you can put Docs Octoarms on the back for storage or just to look cool.
It's also nice to be able to put the legs somewhere because they are incredibly unwieldy when on Doc Ock's back.

If you don't use at least one of the legs to balance him he'll tip right over.

Doc also comes with a second face.

It's a nice little play set and of course you get three minifigures with it.  Spider-man is the main draw of course, but it's actually Iron Fist that's the biggie here, as this is the only set you will find him.  Doc Ock can also be found in the discontinued Spider-Man 2 sets along with Spider-man. I think they are slightly different, but I haven't seen either up close. The two upcoming sets also have some nice ancillary characters available with Nova and Nick Fury.

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