Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mega Blok - Call of Duty sets

I think it's pretty clear here at the Minifigure Collector that I love Lego. And I do. But I love all things buildable and that includes all the other brands out there.  Lego has a strict policy of what it will feature in it's products and one of those limitations is depicitons of war and modern warfare.  So it's no surprise that plenty of the other building set companies have come to fill that niche.

Mega Blok has gotten the Call of Duty license and I finally saw the first sets on the shelves a couple days ago.  So  I figure I'd do a quick run down of the new Call of Duty sets Mega Bloks is offering.

Really these Micro Figures are just tiny action figures with all those points of articulation. And with all the detail each figure gets they really are very well done.  I'm sure that Mega Bloks will also be offering blind pack series with various variations and war themes to add to the set.  You can read more at Mega Bloks website.

The first few set are what I call the army man sets. Each features 5 micro figures and some small structure.

 There are two small construction sets featuring a micro figure and a vehicle.

 The medium set is the Chopper Strike. Which looks really cool.
 The two larger sets are the Humvee featured Light Armor Firebase
 And the Dome Battleground
 The really big set is the Heavy Armor Outpost and features the Main Battle Tank.  Which looks really cool from the photos on the Mega Bloks website.
There are also a couple Zombie Themed sets, because you need some Zombies to blow up.

I'm probably not going to go after any of these sets unless I find them on clearance, mainly because I'm after the micro figures and in these more adult themed sets, like Call of Duty, Warcraft, and Halo the microfigures are just so...I'm not sure I have a good word for it, but not unique.  I guess there's just not the personalization and character recognition.

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