Monday, December 23, 2013

76000 - Arctic Batman vs Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice

To quote Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger from the franchise killing movie Batman and Robin, "Chill out."

When I first saw this set come out earlier this year it was on my must haves. I mean you get a great Batman variation and Aquaman! Sure Aquaman gets his fair share of ribbing, but let's face it, unless Lego decides to do a full blown Justice League set you're probably not going to see another Aquaman mini anywhere else but here.

Let have a look at the set.
Mr. Freeze is up to his antics again and it's up to Batman to free a frozen Aquaman.
The Bat-Blade is pretty neat.

Those orange things on the back I do believe are suppose to be detatable mines or something like that

The push rods in the back are suppose to shoot out these discs. I'm not sure what they are supopse to be.  And they don't come out easily either.

Here's a look in the cockpit.
And a close up of the jet flame and butt mines.
The ice prison is pretty well done and actually would pair nice with the Yeti mini from Series 11.

Alright lets have a look at the minis
First up is the Arctic Suit Batman. I think it would have been cooler if the Batarangs had been white too.

Batman comes with dual faces as well.

Aquaman.  I lost his trident somewhere and still haven't been able to find it.

He's also dual faced.
Mr. Freeze.  DC has a whole stable of cold related villians. Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, you get the idea and oddly enough I think all three are in Batman's rogues gallery.

Mr. Freezes backback is a reuse of the Astronauts backpack with blue visor. I think it works well.
Here's a look at Freezy striped down.

Over all a nice little set. Can't go wrong for this set for around $20.  The variant Batman and Aquaman make it more than worth it.


  1. where did you buy this? can't seem to find one!

    1. I think I got this at a local Fred Meyer, which is like a higher class Wal-Mart.