Friday, December 13, 2013

76005- Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown - Doctor Freaking Doom!!

I'll be honest there was only one reason I bought this set.-  Dr. Doom.  Of all the great Marvel villains Dr. Doom is by far my favorite. He's such a prick.  But when he pops up in Fantastic Four or Ironman story lines there's going to be a rumble.  I also managed to snag this set when Fred Meyers was having a 35% off sale so this $50 set was actually a steal at right around thirty bucks.  After looking at some of the preview images from the 2014 Marvel sets I've only seen one I probably will go after and they all seem to be Ultimate Spider-Man themed.  But lets have a look at the set.
The Bugle building is nice.  There is lots of actions built into the set and some great detail.

I think the side with all the doors and fire escape is really well done. Just a nice touch and so many places a mini figure could be attached to.
Here are some close ups of the interior.  Ground floor
Second floor. Love the computer with the Spider-Man mock up.  Oh look it's a copy of the Lego news! Looks like someone was reading the competition.
J.J's penthouse office
The roof with trap door. The other two push rods knock off the DBC sign and who ever is standing on the side.
There is also a little dumpster.
Here's Dr. Doom's plane.  A cool little design.

No real detail in the cockpit.

The grapple is neat as well.
Here's a look at the under carriage.

Alright now on to the mini's.  In this set you get 5 and probably the most boring is actually Spider-Man. He's exactly the same in all the sets offered this year and the Doc Ock set from last year.

I actually really like the addition of the Beetle in this set. I'm not sure how much he's used in the cartoon, having not really watched it, but he's such a second tier villain and I love these odd ball guys.

Plus his wings are pretty neat.
Here's a look at his back with the wings removed.

Another great addition to this set is the Nova mini.  Nova has always been kind of that second tiered hero in the Marvel universe. Sure he's had his own comic, but really Nova always seemed to play a supporting role in story lines.

He also has a dual face.

When Sam Raimi cast J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson in the first Spider-Man movie way back in 2002 I thought it was genius. Simmons played JJ perfectly. Because JJ is the ultimate egotistical jerk.
Here he's featured with a camera.

He also has a second face.
But of course the selling point of this set for me was this guy. Dr. Victor von freaking DOOM! He has a doctorate in ass-kicking.  I still think a Fantastic Four set would be great. I realize that the movies sucked and they probably won't be making anymore, but having Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, and the Four, that would be great.  Maybe Disney needs to come up with another FF cartoon. Just no Herbie.

Here's a look under the cowl and cape.

Over all a great set and a great build, with great mini's. And getting this set for cheap made it all that much better.

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