Friday, February 6, 2015


With the soon to be released SHIELD Helicarrier we got a first look at Lego's new Micro-Minifigures,  The figures were scaled to the play set, but it also included regular sized minifigures to enjoy.  This is probably the future of things to come with sets that large that can't be scaled up to minifigure size for obvious reason.  

But we also have been seen the rise of the Jumbo minifigures being featured in the SuperHeroes line for characters that are much larger than the average character.  Most notably was the inclusion of a Jumbo Hulk in the first Avenger movie sets.  But we got another one, with pant color variation,  with the Avengers Assemble - Hulk Lab Smash set, a great set with some great minifigures in it.  

This year we've gotten 3 new Jumbos, 2 in the DC line and one in the Marvel Spider-man line.  I don't count the Sentinel or the Groot figures as they are a combination of pieces, like the Mixels.

It makes sense to have the Jumbo scale available for sets that have characters that are much larger than their counterparts.  I still wish we'd get a more traditional comic book style Green Goblin.

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