Monday, February 9, 2015

Kre-O CityVille Invasion Kreon figure 2 packs.

Ok I'm a sucker sometimes for these random blind packs.  I've been meaning to pick a couple packs up of Kre-O's new Transformer blind packs, but instead I found these.  I've never played Cityville so I'm not sure what the premise is for the characters here other than it looks like you have normal guys and monsters.  

You also get two figures per pack so that was a double bonus.  Only I didn't really look too hard at the figures themselves until I opened them up.  Ummm well there a little small.
Here we have the Mini Kreon next to a full size Lego minifigure for comparison. 

And while the bodies are really small the head and accessories will work on full size minifigures.  Here we have Steve Timber.

He's pitted against Willy Werewolf.
Hazmat Henry vs....
Toxic Zombie.  You also get one Kre-O block and one of these  motion blocks that I guess work with Cityville Invasion play sets.  I don't know how they work, I guess magic.
Next we have Walter Wetsuit.  His goggles move up and down.
and he fights the Wavecrawler.