Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rise of the Micro-Minifigures

It only seems fair after reviewing some Kre-O' microfigures we look at Legos.

Lego's Micro Minifigures are not new. Lego has been using them for their board games for a while now. But I think that with the release of the SHIELD Helicarrier it might be the first time they've been put to use in a regularly released set.  I'm sure some other Legophiles out there can confirm or refute this.  

Like I posted before with my look at the Jumbo minifigures, having a smaller scale minifigure also makes sense, especially with a large set like the Helicarrier where it would be prohibitively large to have it at the normal minifigure scale.

These don't look poseable, but I could be wrong on that too.  It'll be interesting to see what kind of collectablility this guys have.  As a big fan of Ironman I wouldn't mind adding the Micro to my collection, but I doubt I'd pay the premium it'll cost coming only from such a large, expensive set.


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  2. Can these micros move out of their platform?

  3. Can these micros move out of their platform?