Thursday, December 27, 2012

Minifigure Spotlight - Iron Fist

From the Lego Ultimate Spider-man Marvel Super Heroes line this guy is from set 6873 Doc Ock Ambush and I'll feature a review of the whole set tomorrow.  I just need to take a few more photos to round out the review.  But the best mini you get from the set is this guy.

Iron Fist is an interesting character and one of those kind of oddball ones you don't expect to see get their own Lego Minifigure, but really makes the set.  You can find Spider-man and Doctor Octopus in older retired Lego sets, but this is the only place you'll find Iron Fist.

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  1. I enjoy these posts - and you've inspired me to try to do something similar with my minifigure collection in 2013!