Friday, December 21, 2012

Minifigure spotlight --- Ocean King

I always called this guy, Neptune or Poseidon, but Lego officially calls him Ocean King.  I'm not sure exactly what line he comes from since Lego's minifigure series' usually includes characters from a wide array of non-licenced themes.

 Here we have another Series 7 great. Another mini I really wanted to pull and the second new minifigure I got from my early Christmas present from my wife.

The Ocean King has great detailing.  The hair/horn helmut is really cool.  He has no articulation below the waist as the tail piece is one solid block.  And he also comes with a really nice trident. And the detail on the upper body is pretty cool.  Man that guy is ripped!

And here is what the face looks like with out the beard or hair on.

Yikes my camera has a focus problem.  Pretty basic, but I do love that the character gets a full face even thought most of the face is covered up by his beard.

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