Monday, October 28, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Perview Series blind packs.

Kre-O is one of those building sets that I have a hard time getting into. I had no desire to pick up any of the Battleship themed sets and the bigger Transformer sets are just so pricey. So I was walking aroudn TRU and found a couple left over Preview Series Micro-Changer blind packs I figured I'd try them out. Especially since I don't have any Kreons in my mini collection.  I was also pleased to see that they are putting out blind packs to go with there new GI Joe and Star Trek sets.  Sadly I got the same figure from both packs so if anyone wants to trade for the other Crankstart let me know. I've opened the pack but not the sealed parts bag.

So lets talk about what I like and dislike about these guys.

I like that each figure comes with it's own insert.  And the Robot version is pretty cool.

Here's a look at Crankstart without his chest piece on to show the detail on the body.

What I don't like is that each version doesn't use all the pieces so the when the figure is in robot mode there are extra pieces lying around waiting to get lost. I also don't like how cheap the vehicle mode is. It's almost like it's an afterthought and not really well thought out.  It's clunky and really not all the esthetically pleasing.

Over all it's a great little figure that will more than likely stay in robot mode.

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