Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TMNT -79100 - Kraang Lab Escape

The first and so far only box set I've bought of TMNT. While I would love all the turtles and maybe Shredder and Splinter, I'm just not that keen on the rest of the sets or the price points. Plus there's no Casey Jones to be found yet.  Hopefully in the next season of Nick's TMNT he'll be there and in the next round of TMNT sets released.  Anyways. This is a great little set because you get 3 mini's. Yes I count Kraang as a mini.

Michelangelo comes with his signature nunchucks and a pizza.

By pressing the side lever you can make him escape.

Inside Kraang is a pink head. It's blank.

It would have been neat if the shell had a place to put the nunchucks for storage.
And of course you get a Foot Ninja. I do believe every set comes with a least one. There are a few variations and weapons differ per set.

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