Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lone Ranger - Stagecoach - 79108

Been holding on to this set for a while.  I picked this set up this spring when the wife and I were down visiting family in the lower 48 at the Lego store in Mall of America.  My wife felt bad with all the stuff she was buying so she let me indulge in this larger set.  I got this set well before the movie ever came out and I'm not sure if I'd even seen a preview, but I was pretty excited for the sets.  I really like the Western themed stuff.  That being said I still haven't seen the movie.   Let's have a look at the set.

Sorry for the blurry photo, my iphone is temperamental sometimes. 

Besides getting 5 minifigures you also get 3 horses.
I love the detail on the stage coach.
The Safe is probably the coolest feature and you get a little bar of silver to put in it.
The rear end has a luggage compartment the you can launch the suitcase out of.
Let's have a look at the mini's!
First up the Lone Ranger.  I'm pretty sure he's the same in all the sets.
Next we have Red Barrington.
She has two faces to play with.
Nice detailing and the bustle is a nice feature too.
Tonto also comes with two faces.  This the exact mini you get in the Polybag too, only he comes with a Tomahawk. Tonto also has two faces.
And Lego has decided to recycle the crow for the Series 11 scarecrow.  I can see them also being used for other sets as well. Especially Halloween and maybe Monster Fighters.

You also get two bandits, Jesus and Barret. 
Over all a really nice playset with lots of accessories.  Sorry about the blurry photos. I'd already put the set away when I realized how bad some of them were.

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