Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30167 - Iron Man vs Fighting Drone poly bag

I'm a huge Iron Man fan.  This goes way back to my when I was a kid rummaging through the quarter box for comics. And that love of "Shellhead" translates over to Lego as well.  With this set I've acquired my third Lego Iron Man armor. I think the only one I still need is the Mark 42.

I ended up picking this guy up from TRU as well.  I just happened in on a BOGO 40% off day, so I got this set and another poly bag.

The saw blade wings on the drone are pretty detailed.

Here's the missle on the bottom.

I do think the flip up face plate is pretty neat. I've heard other's complain that the head looks too big for the body, but I really don't mind.  He also comes with an alternate face to choose from.

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