Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Minifigure spotlight --- Computer Programmer

I'll be honest if I wasn't a completist when it comes to these minifigure series this is probably one I wouldn't have gone after, but not having one and pulling it from a blind pack is always fun.

At first I called this guy computer nerd, but he is officially know as the Computer Programmer. Lumberg anyone?

The nerd, ahem, I mean programmer comes with a coffee cup, with the C:\ prompt and a Lego brand computer, which is much more dependable than a Dell.

Sorry that's a little blurry.

Of course 
The laptop is actually pretty cool, you can actually see ports on the back.
And when you open it up it has a keyboard and screen.  It's the little things that can take what would probably be a pretty boring character from the City line and well make him less boring I suppose.

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