Thursday, January 29, 2015

Better know your Minifigures - The Captain Americas

If you didn't already know the Lego world is abuzz with the announcement and official images of the new SHIELD Helicarrier mega set.  It looks pretty cool, I won't be picking it up way out of my price range and it's set #76042, so I'm interested to see what fills the gap with the new Avengers sets and the Stark Tower and this set.  With the Helicarrier set we also get 4 old characters that get totally new minifigures.  This might be premature seeing as there might be another Captain America minifigure with his mask on in one of the new unannounced sets.

Anyways so far since Lego has acquired a new Marvel license we've had 2 previous versions of Captain America.

The new Cap also comes with a dual face.

From the released photos  I can't tell if Cap's shield is different, but it doesn't appear to be.

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