Monday, January 26, 2015

Some thoughts on Lego City

I was perusing the Lego aisle the other day, I think it was at Toys 'R Us.  My Lego tastes tend to lean heavily on the licensed sets. Especially the Super Heroes line.  That's probably because my main focus is on the minifigures.  And while I don't hate the generic townspeople minifigures I really like the ones that depict characters I know.  So before I start rambling and get off topic, I was checking out the new sets in stock and started looking at all the Lego City sets.

It occurred to me that the Lego City line is so broad and encompasses so many themes that I wonder if it be worth Lego's time to divide them up.  Hear me out.

Within the Lego City line of toys you have very distinct themes, police, fire, trains, racing, arctic exploration, mining, buildings, construction, coast guard, etc.  You get the point.  And I'm sure there are collectors and builders that focus on just one or a few themes (I had thought about working on the fire fighter theme for awhile, but I really don't need more hobbies).

That all being said I thought maybe it would be helpful if each theme had it's own label, like Lego City - Fire, or Police, Contruction... you get the idea.

I was also thinking how cool the Lego City Trains theme is.  I really like the new train sets, although I have yet to buy one, mainly because they are so expensive.  It would be nice if Lego could expand on that theme by offering smaller sets.  I know that I would love to be able to buy just different types of engines and cars, as well as train themed buildings, I know they have a few already.

Living up in Alaska I would think it would be sweet to be able to buy an Alaska Railroad engine for my tracks. You could have tank cards, ore cars, passenger cars, car haulers, box cars, timber cars, just about everything and if you made these cars separate small sets you could make your own train or just buy the cars you want.  I think the train theme is underutilized and has the greatest potential for crossover hobbiests.

Anywho thanks for reading my ramble.

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