Wednesday, January 21, 2015

McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead Collectible Figures Blind Pack

This is something else I picked up while at TRU last weekend.  I'm a sucker for blind packs and an even bigger sucker for TV shows and comics I like.  Mix in with it that  I didn't know that McFarlane Toys was venturing into building sets.

If your a comic book geek like myself you know who Todd McFarlane is.  He's the artist that use to draw Spider-man, among other stuff, one of the found members of Image Comics, and the creator of Spawn.  Todd also started up his own toy company years ago and is know for doing incredibly detailed sports and movie figures.  

They also had a few of the play sets next to the blind packs, but I'm cheap and I just wanted to get a taste.

There is no indication that there will be another series of these since the packaging doesn't denote a Series, but I figure if they sell well there will be another series.

The set consists of 4 character and 4 walkers.

The insert poster

The figure comes inside another small plastic bag.
I ended up with Daryl Dixon.

I will say these figures are more like mini statues.  The legs are all one piece, the arms are posed and not really movable.  Another problem I had is the crossbow doesn't attach well and kept falling off if I touched the figure and there's really not any face detail like it's shown on the packaging.  And the only way the figure attaches to the building blocks is by a hook on his left foot, which also didn't fit all that well.

But the over all body and clothing are very detailed.  So is the crossbow.

I don't know if you'd be able to feel for different characters the way the figures are packaged so it could be hit or miss if your trying to get the set without buying the whole box.  The figures were about the same price as Lego Minifigure blind packs, actually a little cheaper.

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