Friday, January 11, 2013

Hidden Treasures - Lego Kingdoms Crossbowman Polybag 30062

I was headed home from the gym the other day and for some reason I had the urge to stop into the Value Village on my way home. I figure it was far enough after Christmas that there might be some goodies to be had around the store.  I like to look at the cheap books and of course I always have to see if there are any Lego's or other building blocks to be had for cheap.  And as I was looking through the rack of miscellaneous  toys I saw this.  A fully intact, never opened Lego polybag.  And it was only a dollar!  Even if I'd already had this guy I don't think I could passed him up.  A minifigure and extras for 99 cents?  Yes please.

Here you have the full set.  You get the Mini, a box to hold 2 spears, a fire and turkey leg and a target and tree, with target apples.

The target swivels up and down and the apples come off the tree really easily.

As a nice bonus you get a couple extra weapons.

The fire with turkey leg is great you can swivel the leg over the fire.

The Mini has nice detail and the cool helmet.  He comes with a quiver and crossbow.

Here's a good look at the face in helmet.
And without.
A great find and how can you go wrong for a buck!  I'm looking forward to hitting some garage sales this summer for more hidden treasures.

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  1. Good stuff - I actually just grabbed one of these off of eBay to review (and paid a lot more than a buck for it too)!