Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DC Super Heroes - Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858

The last of the bargain sets I picked up after Christmas and my first DC Super Heroes set.  Plus you get Batman with a rocket pack!!

Here's the street scene.  You get what looks like it's suppose to be a mailbox, a news paper stand with two copies of the Lego Times and a bunch of boxes to knock around.
Here's a look from the backside.
Nice detail on the Lego Times' you can almost read the article.
The traffic light is on a hook that can be knocked off with a batterang.
Catwoman comes with her Catcycle.  She has her whip and a very large diamond.

There are quite a few different Batman's out there.  This one has the stiff bat wings and the bat in a yellow oval.  He also comes with two Batterangs.

Heres a better look at the jet pack.

Batman also has two faces.  The white head band is what shows through when he has his cowl on.

Here's a better look at Catwoman.

She also comes with two faces to choose from.  One with her goggles on.
And one without.

Over all a great little set.  And getting it for under $10 bucks was a definite deal.

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