Friday, January 4, 2013

Lego Space Moon Buggy - 3365

I couldn't resist heading out to Wal-Mart and Target after Christmas to check and see if there were any good deals on Legos.  And while there wasn't much I did manage to find a few good deals.

I hadn't picked up any of these small box sets yet and having this one marked down to under $4 I had to pick it up.

It's a fairly simple set and it clearly says on the packaging that it is.  But with the cool helmet backpack it's almost like getting two mini's in one.

Not quite sure whythe moon buggy needs a trenching tool for on the moon, maybe to lay some cable or something.

So Buzz here comes all suited up in his space suit and you have to option to keep him in training mode with his cool blue cap or suit him up for space.

This is the first space themed mini and set I've gotten, but I'm going to assume that there are all sorts of add on's to the backpack.  It has a slot on tome and space on the sides to add things.  Maybe like a rocket launcher or laser cannon.

The only bad thing about the helmet is that the visor is fixed so you can bring it up to see the mini's face.

Here's what he looks like with the visor off.

Not a bad little set.  And the price was right.

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