Monday, January 14, 2013

Iron Man 3 Sets coming soon?

I have to say I'm really excited that Iron Man 3 is coming out in a few months.  May 3rd to be exact.  I'm a huge Iron Man fan.  Not just the movies, but the comic books as well.  I think that Iron Man was my favorite Marvel Super Hero growing up and still is.  I think it's the whole boys love robots and big guns thing.

Anyways a few of the other Lego blogs I follow, which are on the side bar there, have reported the appearance of a new Lego authentic War Machine Mini Figure being listed on Ebay.

So far posts have been more about the fact that this mini exists.  It's got a steep price tag, but more importantly is the harbinger of sets to come?  I would think with another major Marvel movie and Lego with a Marvel license that we should see at least 5 new Marvel Super Heroes sets all featuring scenes and characters from the movie.  I still have yet to grab my Iron Man mini from either of the sets he's currently featured in, but I will.  I'll probably spring for the Cosmic Cube Chase and pick up a Loki as well.

Anybody else excited at the possibility of seeing some more Iron Man themed sets?

I'm wondering when we'll get some more X-Men stuff as well.

cb out.

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