Monday, January 7, 2013

Monster Fighters - The Mummy - 9462

Another one of the after Christmas deals I found around town.  This set was marked down over 30% and was another of the cheaper one's I had had my eye on for a while so being marked down made it an easy pick-up.

In this set you get the Mummy and Ann Lee minifigures and a skeleton horse as well.  Plus the Mummy's chariot and Ann Lee's helicopter.

I'm sure there's some story to go with all the Moonstones, but I didn't bother to find out.

The Mummy is loaded for bear too! Not only does he have his sword, which attaches to the back of the chariot, but he also has two spears that snap on the the side of the bridal.

Ann Lee comes with two extra cross bow arrows. One goes in her hair, but the other one really didn't have a place so I just stuck it to the side of the copter in an unused hole.

No tail rotor.

Now some mini close ups.

I love all the detail on the Mummy's body.  Very nice.
That continues on the back of the body as well.

The cross bow arrow storage in the hair is pretty neat. Makes her look extra tough especially with the scar.
Ann also has another face to choose from.
Frownie face.

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