Monday, January 13, 2014

A few new Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets I'm excited for.

If you're a Lego Super Heroes fan like me I'm sure you've already seen all the new sets coming out in the early part of this year.  The DC line as 3 new Batman sets, two of which are out.  Lego has announce that there will be 5 new Marvel Super Heroes sets 3 of which will be Ultimate Spider-man themed. I find that unfortunate. Especially since it looks like there will be no variation in the Spider-man minifigure. The only Spider-man set I'm really looking forward to is the cheap one featuring Electro. And to add even more redundancy there's even a new Doc Ock set.  Don't get me wrong I like the characters and the villain, but we've already had a medium size set that featured Doctor Octopus. And while  it features a new version of the character is more true to the comic book,  I think Lego could have drawn on some other characters.  I'll feature them all in a closer look when they officially get release later this year.

The two Marvel sets I'm really excited about are the two Avenger themed ones. Especially the Captain America set.  I missed picking up the old Captain America set. I kept seeing it on the shelves and passing it up for other sets. By the time I saw that it was going to be discontinued and went to try and find a set, they were all gone. And I definitely was not going to pay discontinued prices, so I'm glad to see that I still have chance to pick up a Captain America minifigure. And while I know that the figures are different, which is a good thing, I'm not too worried about it. Plus the Captain America vs Hydra set also features one of Cap's best foes, the Red Skull and a cool looking tank and Classic Hydra soldier!! I'll be all over this set. Plus this is a $20 set!! Perfect!

 The other set I'm glad to see is the Hulk Lab Smash set. Sure we've already got Hulk and Thor minifigures.  Looks like Thor might even be a new version, but it's the supporting cast of minifigures included that's so awesome. Seriously MODOK??!!!!! And he's got a huge head!!!! Plus the Taskmaster is a bad ass and  the Falcon, genius. While this might not appeal to the average Lego fan, any Avengers or Marvel Comics fan will get a real kick out of it.  And while I'm not going to rush out and get this set, I most definitely will pick it up at a good sale.

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