Monday, January 13, 2014

Minifigure Spotlight Lego Movie - Wild West Wyldstyle

I was at the store last night and finally saw the new Lego Movie sets. I have to say while I'm not too overly excited about the sets, a couple look really cool. I'll probably go after a few of the cheaper sets to test them out. I was also happy to see that there were still a few boxes and packs of Lego Movie minifigures to be had. The boxes had been picked over pretty good since the first time I'd been there and picked up my first round, but I was able to pick up all but one of the remaining minifigures I needed for my set.

WyldStyle's here was part of the first round of minifigures I picked up. She has a few other versions spread throughout the Lego Movie sets, but his is the only place you get the Wild West themed WyldStyle.  She's easy to find and with her block bottom. The only other minifigure you'd confuse her with is the Calamity Drone, but she comes with a rifle that's easy to feel for.

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